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Food Packaging

The reeled films produced by MP3 are ideal for various types of fresh and preserved foods. Big multinational companies contact us with many different specific needs, which we meet by cooperating with them and developing new and innovative materials.


Modified atmosphere

This type of application is one of the most complex in food packaging and the quality and technical standards required by our customers are very high.
MP3 has invested in innovative technologies to comply with the many requirements for gas and humidity control, thus optimizing the products' shelf life.
Generally, materials that protect against oxygen and water humidity are used, in order to preserve food such as cold cuts, meets, cheese, etc..


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Food Packaging|Modified atmosphere Food Packaging|Modified atmosphere Food Packaging|Modified atmosphere

Disposables Items

One of the main uses of our films is the production of disposable items such as plastic plates and cups.
Notably, our reeled films are mainly used to manufacture medium to large transparent cups (for half litre cups or bigger). The strength of our materials, together with the high degree of transparency, are very appreciated by the market.


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Food Packaging|Disposables Items Food Packaging|Disposables Items Food Packaging|Disposables Items Food Packaging|Disposables Items Food Packaging|Disposables Items

Containers for Gastronomy

Thanks to their aesthetic qualities, such as their great transparency, combined with the excellent mechanical characteristics of the materials employed by MP3, these products are particularly sought after by large-scale and retailer traders of simple or bivalve containers for gastronomy
Our quality certifications guarantee our full commitment to the consumer needs and to safety issues.


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Food Packaging|Containers for Gastronomy Food Packaging|Containers for Gastronomy


Our ability to obtain an easily workable and transparent film makes us a reliable partner for all companies that produce packaging for sweets, pastries and cakes.


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Food Packaging|Patisserie-Confectionery Food Packaging|Patisserie-Confectionery Food Packaging|Patisserie-Confectionery

Chocolate Packaging

Our products are used by companies that produce sophisticated trays for chocolates in various shapes and sizes. In this case, in addition to the technical characteristics needed to forge the trays, the ability to obtain specific shades of dark and/or gold/silver colours becomes a key factor.


Suggested materials

Food Packaging|Chocolate Packaging Food Packaging|Chocolate Packaging Food Packaging|Chocolate Packaging

Fruit and Vegetable Packaging

Our reeled films are excellent for fresh fruit and vegetable packaging.
Our excellent price/quality ratio makes of us a reliable partner for the manufacturers of containers and alveolar trays in this market.


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Food Packaging|Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Food Packaging|Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Food Packaging|Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Food Packaging|Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Food Packaging|Fruit and Vegetable Packaging

Egg Trays

Transparent materials such as PS and PET are usually used by the manufacturers of egg containers.
We can match the colours of our products to cater to specific marketing requirements of the final customer.


Suggested materials

Food Packaging|Egg Trays Food Packaging|Egg Trays


The dairy industry nowadays is strongly concentrated in a few small multinational groups that have a dominating position on the market. The operators demand the highest quality standards and hard and fast process control procedures.
We are among the suppliers of this sector, a sign of how much we continuously invest to guarantee excellence both in terms of production and innovation.


Dairy Products

Our quality certifications are important for manufacturers of dairy product containers. We make continuous investments in order to provide our customers with high quality standards.


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Dairy|Dairy Products Dairy|Dairy Products Dairy|Dairy Products


We constantly cooperate with our partners' marketing department in order to meet their needs in term of design sophistication, where colour and shape are essential for product marketing.


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Dairy|Desserts Dairy|Desserts Dairy|Desserts


Appealing colours are important for ice-cream containers, but even more so the balance between strength and rigidity of the material used to produce them.
We collaborate constantly with our clients to help them develop the right packaging for consumers.


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We have been working for over 30 years with the leading producers of yogurt and single-serve cups. We can manufacture containers with glossy, semi-glossy, matt finishes and with mechanical properties studied based on the different customer's needs, which may depend on separability, piling and packaging machine (FFS).


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Dairy|Yoghurt Dairy|Yoghurt Dairy|Yoghurt Dairy|Yoghurt

Non-food Packaging

Our reeled films can be used for a wide variety of applications: from the pharmaceutical industry to nursery gardening or blister manufacturing up to the building industry.
Materials studied for specific applications can then be developped to meet the needs of the whole sector.


Blister Packaging

Combining materials such as paper or cardboard with plastic requires controlled technical characteristics of strength, transparency and slipperiness.
In this field PET is particularly appreciated since it is a tough material featuring excellent transparency. Since it is more ecofriendly, in the last ten years it has been used as an alternative to PVC.


Suggested materials

Non-food Packaging|Blister Packaging Non-food Packaging|Blister Packaging

Industrial Containers

Styrenic products can offer a good combination of materials with good rigidity at an excellent price; this is why they are chosen for a variety of "technical" products such as the internal components of technical luggage, trays for conveyor belts, etc..


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Non-food Packaging|Industrial Containers


Styrenic products and polyesters are used for a variety of applications in the cosmetic industry, such as caps, packaging, etc..


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Pharmaceutical Industry

Our quality certifications and our commitment to high quality are essential requirements for this industry's selection criteria.
Vial holders and containers for syringes are the most frequent specific applications.


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Non-food Packaging|Pharmaceutical Industry Non-food Packaging|Pharmaceutical Industry

Nursery Gardening

Styrenic products offer an excellent combination of good rigidity at an affordable price. Reeled films are usually made in black, but can also be customized and made in a two-colour version.


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Non-food Packaging|Nursery Gardening Non-food Packaging|Nursery Gardening Non-food Packaging|Nursery Gardening Non-food Packaging|Nursery Gardening

Building industry

The manufacturers of a wide variety of industries, who are always searching for new materials, have found out how much our sheets are competitive and well-performing for their technical products.


Floor Heating

Our reeled films are used to make support panels for floor heating circuits. The growing interest in environmental protection and energy saving has contributed to widespread use of this type of flooring as standard in both residential and commercial design specifications.


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Building industry|Floor Heating Building industry|Floor Heating

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