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Private Vehicles

Our sheets are used to manufacture components for the interior and exterior parts of camper vans and caravans and for interior components of cars.
Depending on the customer request, our sheets can be produced in a variety of colours, finishes and treatment.
Our ABS and ABS/PMMA sheets are particularly suitable for this kind of application.



Our materials are used to manufacture car interior parts and engine compartment components.
Some examples of typical applications: door insides, dashboards, accessories, compartments, control panels, etc..


Suggested materials

Private Vehicles|Cars Private Vehicles|Cars Private Vehicles|Cars


Our ABS, ABS/PMMA and PS materials are particularly suitable for the manufacturing of internal and external components following the customers' colour and finishing requirements.


Suggested materials

Private Vehicles|Caravans Private Vehicles|Caravans

Professional Vehicles

MP3 materials perform remarkably well when applied in the production of professional vehicles such as tractors, earth moving machinery, gardening machinery, lift trucks and trucks.



Some external components, such as spoilers and panels, must feature excellent mechanical properties and UV-rays resistance. MP3 materials can guarantee such characteristics.


Suggested materials

Professional Vehicles|Trucks

Lift trucks

The customisation of colours and good mechanical characteristics are basic requirements for lift truck manufacturers.
Our materials are generally used for hoods, control panels, dashboards, etc..


Suggested materials

Professional Vehicles|
Lift trucks


Optimal light stability, colour customisation and excellent mechanical strength make our sheets the ideal solution for manufacturing components for Gardening Machinery.


Suggested materials

Professional Vehicles|Gardening Professional Vehicles|Gardening Professional Vehicles|Gardening Professional Vehicles|Gardening Professional Vehicles|Gardening Professional Vehicles|Gardening

Earth Moving Machinery

Optimal light stability, colour customisation and excellent mechanical strength make our sheets the ideal solution for manufacturing Earth Moving Machinery and relative components and accessories.


Suggested materials

Professional Vehicles|Earth Moving Machinery Professional Vehicles|Earth Moving Machinery Professional Vehicles|Earth Moving Machinery Professional Vehicles|Earth Moving Machinery


Thanks to the excellent light stability, the fact that colours can be customized and the excellent mechanical strength, our sheets are used for the manufacturing of external and internal components for Tractors.


Suggested materials

Professional Vehicles|Tractors Professional Vehicles|Tractors

Sanitary Ware

ABS/PMMA and di HIPS sheets are extremely appreciated in the manufacturing of sanitary fittings such as bath tubs, shower pans and pannels.
Their high resistance to abrasions, great glossiness and their scratch resistance make of them a perfect material for these applications.



Our materials can be used also for shower box panels, saunas, etc..


Suggested materials

Sanitary Ware|Panels Sanitary Ware|Panels

Showers Pans

ABS/PMMA sheets are used typically for manufacturing shower pans.
Their resistance to scratching and chemicals, combined with their glossy surface make our materials particularly suitable for this industry.


Suggested materials

Sanitary Ware|Showers
 Pans Sanitary Ware|Showers
 Pans Sanitary Ware|Showers


The perfect balance between mechanical properties and high chemical resistance make our ABS/PMMA sheets one of the most selected materials for the manufacture of bath tubs and Jacuzzi tubs.


Suggested materials

Sanitary Ware|Tubs
Sanitary Ware|Tubs
Sanitary Ware|Tubs

Other Applications

The fact that the mechanical and aesthetic properties of the styrenic materials can be customised, makes our materials suitable for a great number of different technical applications.
Below some examples of applications:



The HIPS and ABS/PMMA sheets are ideal to construct display systems for retail and wholesale trade.
Easy to thermoform and supplied in a wide range of colours, they are used for single display cases or more complex systems like, for example, entire equipped walls.


Suggested materials

Other Applications|Displays Other Applications|Displays Other Applications|Displays

Technical Applications

The manufacturers of a wide variety of industries, who are always searching for new materials, have found out how much our sheets are competitive and performing for their technical products.


Suggested materials

Other Applications|Technical Applications Other Applications|Technical Applications


Customisable colours, good resistance and lightweight are highgly appreciated features in the toy industry.
The structural strength of our sheets can make the difference in the production of pedal or electrical cars or other types of toys.


Suggested materials

Other Applications|Toys Other Applications|Toys Other Applications|Toys

Industrial Packaging

Styrenic products offer an excellent combination of good rigidity at an affordable price.
Manufacturers select our materials to produce a wide variety of "technical" items such as industrial pallets, conveyor belt trays and the like.


Suggested materials

Other Applications|Industrial Packaging Other Applications|Industrial Packaging

Car roof boxes

In this industry, our sheets are used mainly for the production of components for car luggage transport.
Because of the great variety of colours, finishes and treatments our materials particularly sought after by the leading manufacturers in this industry.
Our partners rely on our research and development to identify ever better materials that make the product more durable over time.


Suggested materials

Car roof boxes Car roof boxes


Our materials can be used to manufacture doors, cold cells, counter doors and external doors for the household and industrial refrigerators industry.


Refrigeration Cells and Counter Door

High stress-cracking resistance and excellent mechanical properties are essential for the materials employed in this industry.


Suggested materials

Refrigerators|Refrigeration Cells and Counter Door

Counter doors

Versatility and strength make our sheets a key element for the manufacturing of counter doors.


Suggested materials

Refrigerators|Counter doors

Vertical and Chest Refrigerators

We can satisfy the requirements of our clients both in terms of colours and dimensions. Our sheets are ideal for the production of industrial chest refrigerators.


Suggested materials

Refrigerators|Vertical and Chest Refrigerators Refrigerators|Vertical and Chest Refrigerators Refrigerators|Vertical and Chest Refrigerators

External Doors

Our sheets our ideal for manufacturing External Doors, thanks to the high level of customisation of colours and finishes.


Suggested materials

Refrigerators|External Doors

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