MP3 Srl has received certifications that attest to the quality of our industrial processes and compliance with high market standards. In this light, we continually seek to improve, focusing on certification methods and processes that can represent a strong value for our own future and that of our customers.



The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard defines the requirements for a quality management system in order to:

Voluntary UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification documents the adoption of a management model that leads the organisation to continual improvement of performance through the pursuit of and implementation eight guiding principles:

MP3 Srl obtained certification in 2003 for “Design and manufacture of thermoplastic semi-finished products coextruded in sheets and reels”.


PSV (Second Life Plastic) – Food contact - DOWNLOAD PDF

The “Second Life Plastic” marking is an environmental product certification system dedicated to materials and products obtained from the valorisation of plastic waste.

MP3 Srl, has obtained PSV (Second Life Plastic – Food contact) certification for materials and articles intended to come in contact with food.

The “PSV Food Contact” marking was issued to our organisation for the following products (see list of certified products): Product obtained (by continuous extrusion) using plastic materials from separate collection (RD) with minimum quantity of 60%.

IPPR (Institute for the promotion of recycled plastic) every year publishes a list of materials and products with “Second Life Plastic” marking.

The activities to obtain the PSV marking are carried out by IIP (Italian Plastics Institute), the leader in Italy in product certification for the plastics sector.


BRC: British Retail Consortium - DOWNLOAD PDF

the BRC programme arises from the need of the international large-scale retail trade to have assured health, safety and quality standards from suppliers of materials intended to come in contact with food. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) then involved the Institute of Packaging (IoP) in drawing up a new technical standard for packaging materials,

which led to the creation of the technical standard BRC: packaging materials for food products. It is aimed at assuring that all suppliers and manufacturers of food packaging materials adopt adequate control systems in their production process so that the materials used are safe and suitable for use in the food industry.

Adaptation to the BRC standard requires:

The BRC standard consists of the following sections: 1)  Organisation 2) Hygiene and health self-auditing system 3) Corporate management system 4) Factory hygiene standards 5) Contamination control 6) Personnel hygiene


HACCP -  HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a self-auditing system aimed at preventing the risk of chemical migration from packaging into food products  and at safeguarding the health of consumers. It is based on monitoring the various processing phases in which a biological, chemical or physical contamination hazard of a food product is suspected, or, in the case of our organisation, contamination of the thermoformed plastic film intended to come in contact with food.

Applying an HACCP system means monitoring the entire food production and distribution process, including packaging.

Applying an HACCP system allows improving food quality, in particular with regard to healthiness and safety, a concept that goes beyond mere customer satisfaction, but rather aims at protecting public health.

Adopting an HACCP system is a basic requirement for adoption of the BRC standard.




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Cedric Biseuil

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Davide Martino

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