MP3 is born


Enter in I.L.P.A. Group


Inauguration of the Valsamoggia plant


ISO 9001 and BRC


A.M.P. Recycling acquisition






Running for excellence

CompanyThe history of ILPA MP3

MP3 was born in Emilia in 1978 and since its foundation it has specialized in the supply of semi-finished products in traditional plastics (PS, PP and PET) to which add the sheet products (ABS, ABS / PMMA, PMMA and PS), changing locations several times to adapt to the expansion of its productivity.

In 1991 the I.L.P.A. srl, now a leader in the plastic sector, makes it one of its two divisions together with ILIP srl, a company specializing in the production of finished products mainly used in the food sector. It will then become MP3 srl in 2016.

The current plant in Valsamoggia was inaugurated in 1998 , thus reaching an area of ​​80,000 square meters and a covered area of ​​45,000 square meters. The production capacity, the result of the most modern plants in the sector, is now 78,000 tons / year, of which 72% is destined for export.

In the 2000s , the company refines the quality of its products by obtaining important national and international certifications such as ISO 9001 and BRC , renewed year after year with ever better results.

In 2012 I.L.P.A. acquires control of AMP Recycling, a company with a long tradition in the field of plastics processing.

This allows the Group to integrate thermoforming and extrusion activities with a significant plastic material recycling plant dedicated to the recovery of PET from separate waste collection, guaranteeing a perfect Circular Economy.

The following year MP3 begins its collaboration with a leading company in the furniture sector , which raises the bar for the aesthetic quality of sheet products. The excellent aesthetic results of our products will lead to an increasingly intense collaboration.

From the second half of the 10s of 2000, a process of digitization and modernization of management systems throughout the Group began with the provision of SAP ERP on all MP3 devices in 2018 . The efficiency of the program combined with the efforts of all the staff makes MP3 today a company at the forefront in all respects.

In the wake of the growing expansion of the customer network, in 2019 the MP3 USA Inc. division was born on American soil. Project started with only the world of sheets, but of the highest technical and aesthetic quality to supply the automotive sector directly overseas.

The process of “continuous improvement” that invests the company at 360 ° always remains, to always achieve greater excellence on all levels.