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MP3 @ K2022 – History and Circular Economy

As we approach K2022, allow our Business Development Luca Giacomozzi to show you how our company was born and where our commitment to the circular economy is rooted!

MP3 @ K2022 – Excellent quality

Our production manager doesn’t want us to show you this video! But this is where the excellent quality you will see on display at K2022 comes from. So let’s take a look anyway!

MP3 @K 2022 – Raw materials

Come and take a look at our “Fort Knox”! The intelligent management of raw materials is the key to the excellent quality of our products.

MP3 @ K2022 – Production capacity

The excellent management of raw materials allows us to guarantee a production capacity of 78,000 tons!

MP3 @ K2022 – Investments and the group

We always continue to invest because we know that this is the key to the excellence of our products. Take a look at the new fully automated warehouse of the ILPA Group!