Sales Kick-Off

The first MP3 sales reunion Increasingly cutting-edge technologies, social distancing, long video calls and plenty of emails. All this is part of our daily business life, but MP3 also likes to sit all at the same table and share thoughts in person. This is the main purpose of the event that took place in MP3 […]

A full Sustainability

The theme of sustainability is not new for MP3 and the ILPA Group, which have been carrying out projects and investments on several fronts for more than 15 years. The most important step is certainly the vertical integration achieved in 2012 with the acquisition of AMP Recycling, a company with a long tradition in the […]

Thank you, Marcello

It is now time to thank Marcello for his amazing achievement as GM of MP3 S.R.L.. After 38 years working in MP3, Marcello is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement. Under Marcello’s management, MP3 has evolved into a 100 million Euro in sales company with more than 200 staff. Extruding yearly over 40000T of high-quality thermoplastic […]

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