A group at the service of sustainability

Environmental responsibility and awareness are at the center of the policies and strategies of MP3 and I.L.P.A. Group.

In 2012 I.L.P.A. Group has acquired 100% control of AMP Recycling, a company that boasts a long tradition in the recycling of plastic materials. This has allowed the Group to integrate technology and skills in both thermoforming and extrusion of recycled plastic material.

This strategic choice allows MP3 to directly benefit from the transfer of skills and the technological advantage that creates a bridge between in-depth knowledge of the recycling of plastic materials and the ability to extrude sheets and reels starting from post-consumer or post-industrial material.

MP3 is at the forefront of sustainable thermoplastic extrusion.

The plastic Closed Loop

MP3 extrudes food-grade PET reels using up to 100% certified post-consumer flakes. Thanks to the integration into the I.L.P.A. Group, MP3 uses post-consumer food grade flakes recycled by AMP Recycling and coming from municipal waste selection plants.

I.L.P.A. Group is today one of the few companies in Europe that can declare its circular economy model, thanks to a 360-degree PET production and recovery process.

R-PET Food Grade

MP3 extrudes food grade rPet foil for the thermoforming of food packaging. The vertical integration of the AMP Recycling company with I.L.P.A. Group allows MP3 privileged access to recycled raw materials.

AMP Recycling is a cutting-edge model in the treatment of post-consumer PET. Its factory occupies 22,000 mq on a total surface area of 52,000 m2 and have state-of-the-art recycling systems.

Since 2012, I.L.P.A. Group the has invested over 20 million euros in the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of AMP Recycling plant. The company now has an innovative water treatment system and produces food grade certified rPET flakes, granules and reels, thanks to the installation of a decontamination system approved by EFSA.

New Cycle

A new label for high specs products made with at least 50% of certified PIR. This allows MP3 to give its customers a sustainable solution even for the most demanding applications.

Be UV resistance or mechanical stress, our New Cycle sheets perform as well as their virgin counterparts. A real revolution for the industry, these products deliver predictable performance allowing for a smooth process in thermoforming phase and guaranteeing a long lifecycle of the end product, all this whilst carrying a certificate from an independent body.

Part of our sustainability strategy, the New Cycle products range is our solution to look into the future of extrusion and thermoforming. To receive more information about our products, contact our sales team now!