A group at the service of sustainability

The ILPA Group is among the few European groups that can ensure the control of the recycled PET cycle in all the production phases required to produce a new rPET food packaging: from the selection of post-consumer material, to washing, grinding, extrusion and thermoforming. The vertical integration of the ILPA Group allows the complete traceability of the recycled material and, thanks to the approval received by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for the production of rPET Food Grade for direct contact with food, we are able to produce products suitable for food contact 100% rPET.

The plastic Closed Loop

The ILPA Group is today one of the few companies in Europe that can claim to have truly created a circular economic model, thanks to a 360-degree production and recovery process for PET degrees.

MP3 is in fact able to process rPET flakes, obtaining semi-finished products of excellent quality and being able to reach food grade. Similarly, ILIP , the group company specializing in the production of solutions for packaging and food storage, is increasingly committed to expanding its range of products in rPET, alongside the range in bioplastic.

The cycle ends with the work of AMP Recycling , able to recover and send for recycling not only the traditional transparent PET bottles , but, first in Italy, also trays and containers for liquids in PET opaque.

R-PET Food Grade

Since 2016, a Starlinger decontamination plant has been operating at the AMP Recycling srl plant which allows us to reach the Food Grade level for the recovery of flakes by PET . Thanks to this strategic choice we have obtained the positive scientific opinion from EFSA in the evaluation of the decontamination process “ ILPA ” (EU Registry N ° RECYC105), thus allowing the group to produce rPET food grade by direct contact with food products.

Today MP3 is thus able to offer its customers the best solutions in rPET Food Grade , capable of responding to every market need and to every specific request.