AMP Recycling Srl is a company fully owned by I.L.P.A. SPA which specializes in the production of recycled PET obtained from the collection of post consumer PET bottles.

The company also works in the nursery gardening sector, extruding recycled PS reeled films and thermoforming the final product intended for this industry, of which it has become a leader in Italy and a protagonist in Europe.

To fully manage AMP Recycling and its production facility in Ferrara, I.L.P.A. SPA shall implement a vertical integration of the r-PET supply chain.

The advantages of such vertical integration consist mainly in the possibility to select and trace materials from the origin and to promote and further develop consumers’ plastic recycling practices. AMP Recycling plant stands on an area of 36.000 square metres, of which 22.000 are covered, in order to have adequate facilities and to rationalise all the productive activities.