A PET 10

Reeled films of A/B/A structured PET (A vergin and B recycled)

A-PET 10 film derives from post-consumption A-PET and virgin A-PET – it is one of the leading products of the ILPA-MP3 range aimed at the food and non-food packaging market.

It is obtained by means of an extrusion process of one or more layers of Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate (A-PET).

The central layer is composed of a clear or blue-tinted transparent PET deriving from recycled post-consumption material collection. The outer layers are composed of virgin A-PET suitable for food applications. Characterised by excellent chemical-physical properties and the total absence of plasticizers, it lends itself to thermoforming of non-toxic products with an ultra transparent and brilliant appearance.

From 2002 to today, ILPA MP3 invested over 18 million Euros in the manufacture of A-PET film.

With a productivity of over 24,000 tons/year, ILPA-MP3 today sets the benchmark for the Italian and European markets in terms of product quality and service level. In 2010 we were the first Italian company in this field to obtain the prestigious PSV mark (Plastica Seconda Vita, second life plastic)

Standard production of these reeled films is in WIDTHS ranging between 250mm and 1300mm, but non-standard widths can be requested from the Research and Development laboratory that continuously works with a view to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

The THICKNESS may vary between 0.18mm and 1.2 mm,

These reels are available in any colour, which is tested in our laboratories based on the customers’ requests. Nonetheless, customers often ask for a clear transparent, blue-tinted transparent and floral transparent version.

It is also available with SV deblocking bath, Anti-Fog and en masse K deblocking treatment.

It is mainly used for applications in the following industries: food packaging, confectionery trays, fruit and vegetable trays, blister packaging and non-food packaging.

Available finishes