Non-food Packaging

Our reeled films can be used for a wide variety of applications: from the pharmaceutical industry to nursery gardening or blister manufacturing up to the building industry.
Materials studied for specific applications can then be developped to meet the needs of the whole sector.

Blister packaging

Combining materials such as paper or cardboard with plastic requires controlled technical characteristics of strength, transparency and slipperiness. In this field PET is particularly appreciated since it is a tough material featuring excellent transparency. Since it is more ecofriendly, in the last ten years it has been used as an alternative to PVC.

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Styrenic products and polyesters are used for a variety of applications in the cosmetic industry, such as caps, packaging, etc..

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Industrial packaging

Styrenic products can offer a good combination of materials with good rigidity at an excellent price; this is why they are chosen for a variety of "technical" products such as the internal components of technical luggage, trays for conveyor belts, etc..

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Nursery gardening

Styrenic products offer an excellent combination of good rigidity at an affordable price. Reeled films are usually made in black, but can also be customized and made in a two-colour version.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Our quality certifications and our commitment to high quality are essential requirements for this industry's selection criteria. Vial holders and containers for syringes are the most frequent specific applications.

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