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A PET 10

Co-extruded reel in ECO A/B/A configuration. This product allows the use, in the central layer (B), of a variable percentage with respect to the various needs of rPET flakes deriving from industrial post-consumer bottles. The variability of the rPET material is limited by the external layers (A) which are composed of virgin material, which confers product stability and consistency. Mainly available in natural light blue or in several different colors.


A PET 100

Co-extruded reel in a green A/B/A configuration. This configuration allows the use of a variable percentage of the highest quality industrial ground products in the central layer (B), thus reducing the use of virgin materials. Our industrial ground therefore becomes a strategic material, guaranteed by a high purity and quality, allowing us to reuse it in production processes as virgin material. The external finish (A) is instead guaranteed by a layer of pure virgin material which gives the product stability and consistency. Available in transparent color and in other various colors.


A PET 1000

Reel extruded with 100% rPET. Recommended for non-food products such as blisters or containers of cosmetic products. The finish and quality of the product can be variable, characteristics that distinguish the recycled material. Mainly available in natural light blue or in several different colors.

Recommended applications


A PET 108

Reel extruded in material specially designed to meet chapter 3.1.15 of the 9th edition of the European Pharmacopoeia, which establishes the requirements for polyethylene terephthalate resins for containers of pharmaceutical preparations. Available in clear color and other various colors.

Recommended applications



HIGH-IMPACT POLYSTYRENE extruded reel. The properties of the sheet are variable in relation to the final use of the thermoformed. The formulations are studied ad hoc with our R&D department to create a tailor-made product. Leading product for yoghurt pots, pannette, dairy products (cheeses, ice creams, etc.) and for many other products.



Extruded polypropylene reels. In relation to the specific needs of the finished product, various formulations can be proposed, developed together with our R&D department. Homo-polymer and co-polymer grades are available. In the product portfolio there are suitable solutions for both excellent resistance to high temperatures and high resistance to low temperatures. Various finishes and treatments available.

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