The quality team

Our quality department consists of a team manager , a manager dedicated to customer care and 11 employees dedicated to product quality checks.

Security guarantee

MP3 guarantees safety : for us safety in the workplace is a priority, in fact a team has been created with the continuous aim of maintaining high safety standards.

Company Certification

MP3 Srl has received certifications which attest to the quality of industrial processes and compliance with high market standards.

We work with a view to continuous improvement to adhere to requests that can represent a strong value for customers.

MP3 Production System

Since 2009 all company departments are organized according to Lean production systems. The processes and raw materials are optimized according to production needs , reducing waste and concentrating resources on processing.

The continuous improvement of products and processes thus tends towards the goal of Total Quality , the goal of Lean Manufacturing .

Progetto Zero

Established in 2017 by the factory workers, the project aims to eliminate the accidents at work through the diffuse involvement towards continuous improvement.

Ivano Venturelli

HSE Manager

Davide Martino

Quality manager

Davide Tondi

Customer service manager