High-Barrier PP Foil: Precision for Coffee Capsule Forming

Brew brilliance: Achieve high-speed, precision coffee capsule forming with our innovative high-barrier PP thermoforming foil. Minimize waste and maximize efficiency – the perfect formula for a profitable coffee capsule operation.

  • Superior gas and moisture barrier properties for extended product shelf life.
  • Precise and consistent material performance for high-speed forming of complex capsule shapes.
  • Uniform material distribution ensures excellent formability and tight tolerances.
  • Reduced waste during capsule production.
  • Increased production efficiency through high-cadence forming.

Top permeability performance

OTR<0.08 cm3/(m2*24h) [measurement gas O2, T=23°C, humidity gradient 0-50% for a foil with thickness 0.68 mm and EvOH layer of 4%.

High Quality

Precision Engineered for Perfection: Experience unmatched material consistency and formability for flawless, high-speed coffee capsule production.

100% Reliability

Reliable Performance, Every Time: Count on our high-quality PP thermoforming foil to deliver consistent results, batch after batch, ensuring the smooth operation of your coffee capsule production line.