MP3 Extrusion Growth partner of thermoformers in the world

MP3 is specialized in the extrusion of multi-layer sheets and reels for thermoforming.

Choose to grow with us by taking advantage of our cutting-edge technologies, our advanced skills in the physics of thermoplastic materials and industrial engineering and our vast experience in the extrusion of sheets and reels for thermoforming.

Production capacity

29tons of styrenic sheets

12tons of PS reels

13tons of PET reels

6tons of PP reels

The companyThe group ILPA

The ILPA Group leads the European scene of thermoformed plastic and bioplastic food packaging production as well as the semi-finished plastic products market for use in the agricultural-food segment and all other industrial sectors.

In addition to MP3, other two companies belong to the Group: ILIP S.r.l., among the main European players in the Foodservice Packaging, Fresh Produce Packaging and Fresh Food Packaging sectors and AMP Recycling S.r.l., specialized in the recovery of post-consumer PET packaging and in the supply of guaranteed and certified flakes, granules and R-PET reels.

Today the ILPA Group serves over 4,000 B2B customers in more than 58 countries around the world.

2500mm wide, 4 layers high specs ABS/PMMA sheet surface extrusion capabilities for the widest thermoformable pieces.

Double PMMA layer top surface combine with a matt bottom layer on a  2200mm width. Our 5 layers line is the most technologically advanced sheet extrusion line in MP3.

Inline thickness control on both sheets and reels extrusion lines to ensure maximum process stability at thermoformers.

Better than glass innovative surface on our white rooms multiple layers extrusion lines for the very high end furniture producers.

Fully thermoformable PE film on all lines allowing for maximum protection of the manufactured good until installation.


The latest addition to our industrial capabilities, our 9 layers PP/EVOH/PP film extrusion line. The most advanced technologies in the industry for state of the art, high productivity barrier film.

Up to 30my revolving mesh filters on our most advanced lines for impeccable filtering capabilities, pressure constant extrusion to offer surprise free thermoformable sheets.