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2022: a year of fairs and events

The Covid-19 emergency in recent years has also affected the field of sector events in a particularly strong way. As a result, many trade show appointments have been cancelled, while others have adopted a reduced format for moving online. Still, others have tried to take place where the first windows for the free movement of people have opened but have had to deal with a drastic drop in the number of exhibitors and visitors.

Also, for us at MP3, it was a question of giving up scheduled and essential events. For example, last year, we did not take part in the sanitaryware fair in Germany. At the same time, in the United States, we were able to follow SPE, the reference event for the thermoforming industry, only in its online edition.

With the restart of major events, 2022 has become a year of great activity, full of news and opportunities to seize. And so we had several excellent chances to pack up and leave for many key events, both as exhibitors and visitors.

In March, we took part in SPE Vienna, an opportunity to deal with the major companies in the thermoforming sector in Europe and beyond. The event’s focus was to facilitate the advancement of thermoforming technologies through education, application, promotion and research. In this context, our sales force presented the MP3 products and took cues for new ideas and improvements.

In May, we arrived at MACH-TECH in Budapest for the first time. This is the largest Hungarian trade fair, with a strong focus on innovations in mechanical engineering of machinery and a section dedicated to chemistry, plastics and rubber (Chemtech). On this occasion, we supported our agents from Draeger GmbH, discovering new opportunities and building relationships.

Even the world of caravans and leisure vehicles is back in motion. For this reason, between August and September, we went to discover the latest news at the largest industry event worldwide, the Caravan Show in Dusseldorf and at the main Italian event, the Caravan Show in Parma. We were thus able to see how it is a growing market, despite the difficult moment for global economies, and how the trend is moving towards ever more efficient and performing materials, flexible and refined from an aesthetic point of view.

Between 20 and 25 September, we visited the two twin events that express the state of the art of the global road and rail transport industry, Innotrans Berlin and IAA Hannover. Our expectations towards these sectors have not been disregarded, thanks to the impressive quantity and quality of the innovations presented. In particular, the impact of research on electric and hydrogen vehicles has opened up exciting new spaces for thermoformed products in the transport segment, both in terms of the latest generation technical applications and in terms of design and finishing requirements.

We certainly could not miss the October K 2022 Düsseldorf appointment. The triennial plastic and rubber fair has seen us as its guests since 2010, and our stand has consistently grown year after year. For this occasion, in addition to the marketing and corporate sales force, the production, technical area, research and development departments and colleagues from the entire ILPA Group were also present. It was an excellent opportunity to get in touch with new markets and show all our desire to get involved with new products for new adventures.

The month of November, therefore, saw us visiting Ecomondo Rimini, the main event in Italy dedicated to the green economy. It was a significant opportunity to take stock of fundamental issues today, such as recycling, waste management and reusing secondary raw materials.

The last event we had the opportunity to visit in 2022 was Compamed Dusseldorf, an event dedicated to technologies in the medical field. The level of this sector is always higher, and it is essential to stay up to date to make available to the medical industry materials that are technically in step with the most specific, performing and certified needs.