Luigi Garavaglia is the new president of PET Sheet Europe

The new Board of PET Sheet Europe (PSE) was elected on 21 March. On this occasion, Luigi Garavaglia, Quality Assurance – R&D Manager of the ILPA Group, was called to cover the position of President, a source of pride for the whole Group. PSE brings together manufacturers of PET rolls and sheets. It was born in 2016 in Brussels to protect and promote the work of PET extruders in the context of European institutions and in relations with other professional organizations. PSE takes care of many critical activities. For example, it recently established a working group to support the functional barrier theory (and practice) in an A / B / A composition of the PET sheet and monitor all related activities and regulations. the world of PET leaves with periodic updates for all members. PSE is also responsible for establishing minimum technical standards for PET leaves and intense R&D activities to develop new applications and products. The recycling and recovery of raw materials are at the center of PSE’s work and one of the organization’s objectives is to reach the percentage of 70% of rPET by 2025.