Report year 2023

Following our traced path

2023 has been a year full of news for MP3. We said goodbye to our historic General Director Marcello Garagnani, who retired in June, thus changing the company management with the arrival of Tiziano Lanzarini as operations director, and Cedric Biseuil who took the reins of the sales team.

Our Research and Development and Commercial offices have also been strengthened with the arrival of new colleagues to increase our response capacity. In fact, we specialized our sales team with the addition of Silvia Volonté who directly follows the French market and Karam Al Achkar for the Middle East and Africa. From the second half of 2023, Matteo Buzzi will also hold the role of Product Manager for the Utility and Recreational Vehicles sectors, important development sectors capable of appreciating the high surface quality of MP3 materials.

Enhancing your growth” is our new vision, published together with the update of our mission. The importance of this update is given by the need to increase clarity regarding what we do, as well specified in our new tagline “WE EXTRUDE, YOU THERMOFORM”, but also to communicate our values. At the same time, we have started a journey aimed at increasing the company’s brand awareness. In this line, we have participated in numerous fairs and conventions both in Europe and overseas. We believe it is important to convey to the players in our market the very high technical level of the MP3 staff and the modernity of our machinery fleet.

Finally, our product range has been expanded with standardized materials and ABS resistant to high temperatures. We have inaugurated a new extrusion line for barriered PP which allows us to be at the forefront in the production of barrier reels for the food packaging sector. Our range of surface finishes has been enriched with a grain developed specifically for vehicle interiors.

Well, a 2024 in search of innovation, commercial development and internationalization is looming. We are confident that the next year will hold excellent opportunities and interesting challenges for MP3.