Firenze embossing (GJ)

New leather-effect texture, with a strong character

Florence, one of the capitals of Italian leather goods and “made in Italy” par excellence. Walking through its streets you can see shop windows and boutiques where a timeless fabric like leather is always present and gives character to both outfits and furnishings. Inspired by this millenary manufacturing tradition, the new Firenze embossing (GJ) arrives on the market, developed by the MP3 Research and Development laboratories in particular for the automotive sector.

This new cylinder has been designed to follow a market that is always on the move and looking for novelties; Firenze embossing, in fact, is in great demand in the mass transportation sector. We take the launch of this new embossing as best opportunity to diversify the sectors of our interest, bring innovation to our product range and “rejuvenate” our designs.

The GJ grain, made with the photo-engraving technique, is very deep (300 microns of engraving) precisely to emphasize this modern leather effect as much as possible. Numerous extrusion and thermoforming tests were carried out to develop an embossing capable of remaining well defined even after stretching. To make it even more incisive we recommend the matt version, which is the one most suited to the automotive sector, appearing refined but at the same time modern. The maximum width we can extrude is 1630 mm.