MP3 utility vehicle series

Exceptional performance and durability

One of the main applications for MP3 styrene materials is the utility vehicle sector, in which we serve customers all over the world, providing our best quality sheets according to their needs. Our R&D and the sales team is always willing to assist the customer finding new solutions for their final product.

The MP3 utility vehicle series, known for its exceptional performance and durability, is designed for professional vehicles like tractors, earth-moving machinery, and gardening machinery. MP3 materials used in these vehicles exhibit remarkable durability and functionality, making them a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

This product series offers a range of sheets with features like impact resistance, good rigidity, UV protection, and mechanical stability, catering not only to the diverse needs of utility vehicles, but also terrain vehicles, and caravans. Offering reliability and efficiecy, it is able to meet the demands of different industrial sectors with its robust features and performance capabilities, showcasing the versatility and quality associated with MP3 products.

The most popular MP3 utility vehicles product on the market is ACRYLAC PX 500, characterized by medium mechanical strength, high rigidity and good physical properties. The ACRYLIC layer gives the product an excellent appearance, high resistance to abrasions and protection against UV rays. The sheets are extruded in a vast range of colours with a smooth surface or with different embossing grains.