The new range of SATIN MATT ABS/PMMA sheets is born, developed from the research of the MP3 laboratories and the innovative technology of the new extrusion line, specially designed to produce sheets of high aesthetic quality.

The new line of HOE (Hight Outlook Experience) sheets began production in January 2021.

Sheets designed with a satin effect and a very pleasant texture, extremely resistant to thermoforming and designed to preserve their main aesthetic features even after thermoforming: Satin Matt.

For this line of sheets, MP3 Research and Development has developed a standard product and an ESCR product (extremely resistant to aggression from chemical products during cleaning). The range has been designed to meet the thermoforming needs of a large number of MP3 customers.

MP3 has also designed a special thermoformable protective film for both products, for greater assurance of aesthetic quality during the thermoforming process. The protective film has the additional feature of being easy to peel away.

Surface matt grade (60°) *
Ultra matt < 9,9
Matt From 10 to 29
Semi matt From 30 to 59
Semi glossy From 60 to 84
Glossy > 85
Surface texture (Ra)
Ultra satin > 2
Satin From 1 to 2
Semi satin From 0,1 to 1
Smooth < 0,1


Aesthetic characteristics of the sheets

  • Finish: satin matt
  • Available colours: Wide range of colours available

Technical specifications of aesthetic characteristics

  • Surface matt grade (60°): Matt test range result from 10 to 29
  • Surface texture (Ra): Satin test range result from 1 to 2

Other technical information:

Available with a new thermoformable PE PROTECTIVE FILM that peels off after thermoforming

Available in thickness from 2mm to 8mm

Available in standard MP3 embossing: GD; GE; GB

*opacity evaluated on MP3 standard white

TABLES: Data and analysis conducted by the MP3 internal laboratories


Elegant sheets, in recent years Satin Matt has been particularly in vogue in various industrial sectors. Sheets with this finish give thermoformed products a surface texture with a pleasant feel.

Suitable for use in products for various industrial sectors: bathroom fixtures (bathtubs and shower trays), refrigerators (external door), interior finishes for cars/ excavator cabs/ caravans/ yachts and the furniture sector.

Available finishes

Embossed GB
Embossed GD
Embossed GE