Obtained through an extrusion process of layers of ABS (ACRYLONITRILE, BUTADIENE and STYRENE copolymer) and PMMA (METHYL METHACRYLATE polymer). The selection of materials used allows to obtain in the composite sheet an excellent mechanical resistance, good rigidity, and excellent physical properties. The IMPACT-RESISTANT PMMA layer gives the product an excellent appearance, resistance to abrasion and protection from UV rays in outdoor applications, where it slows down aging and color change.

The top of the range ACRYLAC TX 700 sheet differs from the ACRYLAC PX 500 sheet for better impact resistance and better resistance to Stress Cracking (ESCR). Depending on the thickness required, this material complies** with the UNI-EN 13559 standard “Specifications for impact modified coextruded ABS/Acrylic sheets for baths and shower trays for domestic purposes”. Tests performed and certified by external institutes, internationally accredited.

It is mainly used for applications in the following sectors: Sanitaryware, Paneling.

Available on request:

  • corona treatment (C55)


** Tests performed on 4mm sheet thickness without embossing

Available colors