Obtained with an extrusion process of one or more layers of PET (POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE).

This product, with respect to the required needs, can be offered with:

– A/B/A structure where A = Virgin PET and B = Virgin PET + Industrial recycled MP3 quality

– A/B/A structure where A = Virgin PETG and B = Virgin PET + Industrial recycled MP3 quality


According to your needs, the PET sheet structure can also be developed with recycled material. For more information, contact our technical-commercial team who will guide you in choosing the best material to guarantee the needs of your product.

High transparency allows full visibility of your products, while the flexibility of the material and its surface properties make it suitable for folding, printing and the most common industrial processing methods.

It is mainly used for applications in the following sectors: Blister, Paper converting, Containers, Boxes.

Available colors